6.5830/6.5831: Database Systems
Fall 2022

  • What is the format of the quizzes in 6.5830/6.5831?
    Quizzes are typically short answer / multiple choice, and contain questions that will test your knowledge of the readings, as well as questions on specific technical topics. Sample quizzes from previous years will be posted before the first exam.

  • What is the difference between 6.5830 and 6.5831?
    Lectures, quizzes, and homework assignments will be the same. Students in 6.5831 will have the option of doing 2 additional labs instead of an open-ended final project.

  • What level of Java experience do I need to succeed in this class?
    In the class' lab assignments, you will be using Java to write a basic database management system called SimpleDB, which includes modules for data access, query processing, transaction management, and more. To do these assignments, you will be building on a Java codebase with at least 1.6k lines of code by implementing classes, methods, and interfaces, and then testing your system by further writing unit tests. Since some (prospective) students have asked us about the level of comfort in Java required to succeed in this class, we are including this Java tutorial to help you get familiar with the language features you'll need to work on the lab assignments. The tutorial is geared towards Python programmers. We recommend taking a look at this tutorial and seeing the code in the first lab in order to determine if this class is right for you. Java for Python Programmers

Last change: September 08 2022.

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