Serverless State Management Systems

Modern cloud developers face many distributed systems complexities when building disaggregated applications from cloud building blocks. We propose a new class of cloud services, called Serverless State Management Systems (SSMS), that abstracts away these complexities and transparently manages fault-tolerance, deployment, and scaling of a logical cloud application on physical cloud resources. An SSMS, analogous to a DBMS, provides three important abstractions for disaggregated applications: 1) a logical application model, similar to relational algebra, that describes application semantics but abstracts away the deployment details, 2) strong resilient programming primitives, similar to ACID transactions, that simplifies fault-tolerant programming in the cloud, and 3) smart, cost-based optimization schemes that automates scheduling, placement, and other details, similar to a query optimizer. SSMS is an overarching research direction that encapsulates several projects in cloud, distributed and concurrent systems. For more details, please check out each of the individual projects:

Project Vision (CIDR 2024) | View BibTeX

CReSt abstraction and DARQ system for resilient, composable cloud systems (SIGMOD 2023) | View BibTeX

Epoch Protected Versions Schemes (DaMoN 2022) | View BibTeX

Asynchronous Prefix Recoverability for Fast Distributed Stores (SIGMOD 2021) | View BibTeX

Project Participants

Tianyu Li, Samuel Madden, Badrish Chandramouli (Microsoft Research), Sebastian Burckhardt (Microsoft Research)