Northrup Grumman - A Real-Time Urban Information System

This project is integrating, in real time, public data from the city of Cambridge on parcels, permits, parking meters, traffic lights, traffic signs, etc. with data from dashboard cameras, drones and a Twitter feed. We are employing machine learning to find information from dash cams and drones, NLP to digest Twitter, and a real time data integration system for structured data. This system will also support modelling of users to discover interests, and then will send alerts to them when things they might be interested in occur. It will also allow citizens and city personnel to query this repository for things like:

There is a crane blocking the sidewalk; is there a permit?

Where is the most jaywalking taking place?

Find me potholes and missing traffic signs.

Find me non-working traffic lights.

This is a joint project with CMU and Purdue, sponsored by Northrup Grumman.


Michael Stonebraker, Aaron Sipser, Zachery Collins