Data Systems Group at MIT


Wenbo Tao

Wenbo Tao is a third-year Ph.D. student in the group.  He work withs Mike Stonebraker on building a cool visualization system called Kyrix (oh btw if you ask Mike about the name he’ll tell you Wenbo likes basketball :-p). Check out our Github here.

Wenbo has been building Kyrix for more than a year and really enjoying it. The reasons why he's interested in data visualization are manifold:

1) He really loved drawing when he was a little boy;

2) however, he was really bad at it;

3) after taking a computer graphics course in undergrad, he found he could write code to precisely draw whatever he wanted (wow!), and

4) Wenbo finds the concept of drawing big data mad cool!

Before Kyrix, he spent some time working on data-integration-related topics.  He built a tool called PkDuck (if you ask Wenbo about the name he will tell you Mike likes eating Peking Duck!) which is able to find similar strings with abbreviations from two large sets of strings (think about two columns of department names at MIT).  PkDuck is now one built-in module of Data Civilizer.

Lastly, he is a Celtics fan and grad school research in a place with his favorite sports team is one of the luckiest things that ever happened to him. 🙂